Carol's Hope for Childhood Cancer


Business Partners

At Carol’s Hope, we believe in the power of community. Our mission, to alleviate the burdens faced by families battling childhood cancer, is made possible through the efforts of compassionate individuals and businesses alike. We understand that each business has unique capabilities and resources, and we cherish the diversity of support we receive.

With that in mind, we invite your business to join our community of hope. Whether it’s through financial contributions, donations of goods, volunteer work, or leveraging your unique services, there’s always a way to make a significant impact.

By completing this form, you’re taking the first step towards creating a lasting partnership that not only makes a difference in the lives of these families, but also aligns your business with a cause that deeply resonates with our community.

By supporting Carol’s Hope, your business will be directly contributing to the well-being of families in our community. We can’t wait to explore the possibilities of this partnership with you.

Thank you for considering a partnership with Carol’s Hope Thrift Stores. We will reach out to you promptly after reviewing your submission. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of families battling childhood cancer!