The Spartanburg Association of Insurance Professionals (SAIP) is thrilled to announce the return of its long-anticipated Annual Awards Banquet. After an unavoidable hiatus due to the global Covid pandemic, this much-loved event is making a strong comeback, reinvigorating a cherished tradition of celebrating outstanding individuals within the community. This year, SAIP is immensely proud to honor Carol Moeller as the ‘Outstanding Person of the Year’ with a $200.00 donation to Carol’s Hope.

Known to many in the community, Carol has devoted several years to tirelessly supporting Childhood Cancer initiatives. Her selfless dedication is a testament to the spirit of service that SAIP and its members strive to uphold. The recognition she receives today is not just for her considerable efforts, but also a tribute to her passion and resilience. SAIP anticipates recognizing more individuals like Carol in the years to come.

Being part of the larger International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP), SAIP maintains a strong commitment towards the betterment of its community. It boasts 21 active members drawn from various facets of the Insurance Industry, including Mitigation Companies and Glass Companies, exemplifying the dynamism and collaborative spirit of the association.

SAIP actively participates in several community initiatives like the cold weather shelter, Carolina pregnancy center, and Mobile Meals. The association continuously embraces new ideas and opportunities to serve, showcasing the diversity of their commitment towards community upliftment.