From Our Friends at Boiling Springs Living:

Carol and her husband Jack had moved to South Carolina from Indiana for his job. She was working full-time for a company when she began raising money through various fundraisers, poker runs, auctions and the like to support her new nonprofit Carol’s Hope for Childhood Cancer. When Carol retired in 2014, she opened the first thrift store in Boiling Springs that allowed her to continue to help families and stay in one spot. A second thrift store opened May 12 on the east side of Spartanburg.

The Thrift Stores accept all donations, except mattresses and old TVs; they have even received a sailboat! All proceeds from the thrift stores go to help families with expenses including gas, food and lodging as they travel near and far for cancer treatments. Carol points out of ten the cancer battle can last years, and they have been able to assist upwards of 150 families. This past year, they were even able to provide three $1,000 scholarships to help young cancer survivors attend college.

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